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Kartarpur’s exclusion from India not Cong fault

Opinion » Comment Modi has held the Congress responsible for Kartarpur Sahib’s exclusion from India. He should know that India was still a colony when UK PM Clement Attlee announced Partition on June 3, 1947. The entire responsibility for the process was with Mountbatten and the British army. They […]

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Sikhs in San Antonio feed federal workers who are without pay during shutdown

Sikh Center of San Antonio The Sikh Center of San Antonio offer free meals to all government employees. If you have been hearing about air traffic controllers from Edmonton, Canada, sending across pizzas to their American counterparts to show solidarity during the ongoing US government shutdown, then there’s more […]

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When Canada turned away the first Sikh migrants

KUALA LUMPUR: A local historian has thrown light on a Sikh from Selangor who tried and failed to migrate to Canada with others before the First World War. In 1914 Gurdit Singh chartered the Japanese ship, Komagata Maru, in Hong Kong to take 376 Punjabi passengers to Canada. Their […]

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Guru Nanak Dev’s 550th Birth Anniversary: Indian Embassy And Sikh Leaders Join Hands For Year-Long Celebrations In US

The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev’s 550th birth anniversary’s year-long celebrations have begun in the United States, reports The New Indian Express. India’s new Ambassador, Harsh V Shringla, said that the Indian Embassy and Consulates have chalked out a range of activities that include musical concerts, seminars and […]

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WSO Gets Vancouver Sun To Remove “Sikh” From Controversial Reporter Douglas Todd’s Kabaddi Story

“It is apparent that Mr. [Douglas] Todd is confusing and conflating religion and culture without discretion. He refers to “Sikhs” being unhappy with “Punjabi athletes” and states that “Sikhs” are pleased with the construction of a kabaddi field and “some Punjabis” say it is “one of its kind in […]

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