Punjabi Phrases

I am working on a new list of Punjabi phrases that are easier to understand! You can find the list here: Google Doc. As always, please leave your comments if you think anything is wrong or can suggest anything to add.

See my full list of Punjabi Phrases (work in progress…)

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  1. Lucy Jones says:

    this website does not satisfy my needs. where are the phrases? i need them for my GCSE exam which is coming up shortly and i will not pass without the phrases!! i’m sorry to say that this website has let me down 🙁

    kind regards,

    • Vince says:

      Hi Lucy,

      I am still learning Punjabi myself and updating the phrases as I go. I know there is not much here now, but I will update it when I can!

      Have a look at my Punjabi Phrases if you haven’t already.

      If you look at the link on the right Punjabi Lessons you will find some more information about phrases.


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