Simple Phrases

sat sree akaal – Hello/Goodbye (Literally – “God is truth”)

shukria – Thanks

ki haal hai – How are you?

theek hai – I am well

theek nay – I am not well

chunga / acchaa – Well, good, OK

hukam karo – What can I do for you? (Literally: Order, please do)

nay – No (Pronounced with a high tone)

haanji – Yes

huna – Isn’t it? (as in “Your name is … isn’t it?” – this is tagged to the end of a statement to create a question)

tusee – You (Plural)

dasso / sunnow – Please tell (So, “tusee dasso” means “And you?”)

naa – name (so, “My name is …” would be “mera naa … hey”)

milke baree kushi hoi – Pleased to meet you

maaf karna – Excuse me

maaf karo – Sorry


People and Places:

meh – I

meraa – My

tuhadaa – Your

asee – We

saadaa – Our

ey – It (proximate – e.g. this, these – high tone)

eyda – Its (proximate – high tone)

oh – It (distant – e.g. that, those – high tone)

ohda – Its (distant – high tone)

vee – Also

te (atay) – And

te (uttay) – On

dhono – Both

munda – Boy

kuri – Girl

betho – Sit down

behntee – Request

dio – Please give

saab – Sir (after the name)



Pita – Father

Maa – Mother

Puraa – Brother (spoken in a low tone)

Pehn – Sister (low tone)

Thaiya – Father’s older brother

Thaiy – Father’s older brother’s wife

ChaCha – Father’s younger brother

ChaChi – Father’s younger brother’s wife

Pua – Father’s sister

Fuffar – Father’s sisters husband

Mama – Mother’s brother

Mami – Mother’s brother’s wife

Masi – Mother’s sister

Masur – Mother’s sister’s husband

Babba – Grandpa (Paternal)

Bebbe or Bibi– Grandma (Paternal)

Dadaa or Nanaa– Grandpa (Maternal)

Dadi or Nani– Grandma (Maternal)

Jija – Brother-in-law

Pabhi – Sister-in-law (low tone)

Puttar – Son

Puttari – Daughter

Pati or Aadmi– Husband

Putni or Bhoti or Theemee– Wife


Days of the Week:

somvaar – Monday
mangalvaar – Tuesday
budhvaar – Wednesday
veervaar – Thursday
shukrvaar – Friday
sanivaar – Saturday
aitvaar – Sunday



sifar – 0
ikk – 1
doo – 2
tenn – 3
chaar – 4
panj – 5
shhear – 6
satth – 7
atth – 8
naou – 9
dass – 10

giyaraa – 11
baaraa – 12
teraa – 13
chaudaa – 14
pundra – 15
solaa – 16
sataraa – 17
atharaa – 18
unni – 19
vih – 20

ikki – 21
bai – 22
tei – 23
chauvi – 24
pachchi – 25
shhabbi – 26
satai – 27
athai -28
unutti – 29

tih – 30
iktti – 31 (like 21 but with ti instead of ki)
batti – 32
teti – 33
chaunti – 34
painti – 35
shhatti – 36
sainti – 37
athutti – 38
untali – 39

chaali – 40
The numbers 41-99 continue with the same format, so I’ll just list a few examples :
iktali – 41
butali – 42
tertali – 43

pujah – 50
sathh – 60
sattar – 70
assi – 80
nabbe – 90
sau – 100

Click here for the more in depth guide to Punjabi.

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    The intention is good but many, if not most, of the Punjabi words are incorrect. The words/phrases are spelt in Ennglish script phonetically as they would often be wrongly pronounced by some speakers. To become a reliable reference to learn from, the correct spelling must be used. The writer needs to understand how to translate Punjabi letters into equivalent English ones. For example, “Father’s sister” is not “Pua”. The word would be ‘Bhua’, “Sister” is not “Pehn” but “Bhain”, etc…

    You need to understand what Gurmukhi letter the word starts with and how that letter is translated into English script.

    What we have here is equivalent to the kind of things you see on sites such as

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    Looking and listening to the sounds of a new language is a window into that culture and triggers imagination of how both language and cultured evolved together over 1000’s of years of rich history.
    Visions from a child’s first words to great oratory, a soul stirring poem to a lullaby, a simple question to a person’s last request. All connected by words that I take for granted in my own language.
    Thank you for this insight.

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