Simple Phrases

sat sree akaal – Hello/Goodbye (Literally – “God is truth”)

shukria – Thanks

ki haal hai – How are you?

theek hai – I am well

theek nay – I am not well

chunga / acchaa – Well, good, OK

hukam karo – What can I do for you? (Literally: Order, please do)

nay – No (Pronounced with a high tone)

haanji – Yes

huna – Isn’t it? (as in “Your name is … isn’t it?” – this is tagged to the end of a statement to create a question)

tusee – You (Plural)

dasso / sunnow – Please tell (So, “tusee dasso” means “And you?”)

naa – name (so, “My name is …” would be “mera naa … hey”)

milke baree kushi hoi – Pleased to meet you

maaf karna – Excuse me

maaf karo – Sorry


People and Places:

meh – I

meraa – My

tuhadaa – Your

asee – We

saadaa – Our

ey – It (proximate – e.g. this, these – high tone)

eyda – Its (proximate – high tone)

oh – It (distant – e.g. that, those – high tone)

ohda – Its (distant – high tone)

vee – Also

te (atay) – And

te (uttay) – On

dhono – Both

munda – Boy

kuri – Girl

betho – Sit down

behntee – Request

dio – Please give

saab – Sir (after the name)



Pita – Father

Maa – Mother

Puraa – Brother (spoken in a low tone)

Pehn – Sister (low tone)

Thaiya – Father’s older brother

Thaiy – Father’s older brother’s wife

ChaCha – Father’s younger brother

ChaChi – Father’s younger brother’s wife

Pua – Father’s sister

Fuffar – Father’s sisters husband

Mama – Mother’s brother

Mami – Mother’s brother’s wife

Masi – Mother’s sister

Masur – Mother’s sister’s husband

Babba – Grandpa (Paternal)

Bebbe or Bibi– Grandma (Paternal)

Dadaa or Nanaa– Grandpa (Maternal)

Dadi or Nani– Grandma (Maternal)

Jija – Brother-in-law

Pabhi – Sister-in-law (low tone)

Puttar – Son

Puttari – Daughter

Pati or Aadmi– Husband

Putni or Bhoti or Theemee– Wife


Days of the Week:

somvaar – Monday
mangalvaar – Tuesday
budhvaar – Wednesday
veervaar – Thursday
shukrvaar – Friday
sanivaar – Saturday
aitvaar – Sunday



sifar – 0
ikk – 1
doo – 2
tenn – 3
chaar – 4
panj – 5
shhear – 6
satth – 7
atth – 8
naou – 9
dass – 10

giyaraa – 11
baaraa – 12
teraa – 13
chaudaa – 14
pundra – 15
solaa – 16
sataraa – 17
atharaa – 18
unni – 19
vih – 20

ikki – 21
bai – 22
tei – 23
chauvi – 24
pachchi – 25
shhabbi – 26
satai – 27
athai -28
unutti – 29

tih – 30
iktti – 31 (like 21 but with ti instead of ki)
batti – 32
teti – 33
chaunti – 34
painti – 35
shhatti – 36
sainti – 37
athutti – 38
untali – 39

chaali – 40
The numbers 41-99 continue with the same format, so I’ll just list a few examples :
iktali – 41
butali – 42
tertali – 43

pujah – 50
sathh – 60
sattar – 70
assi – 80
nabbe – 90
sau – 100

Click here for the more in depth guide to Punjabi.

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    Can I have some words beginning with tainka??

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    I want to learn punjabi pls teach me.

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    How do you say “I think I have an overbite” in Punjabi? I’m having trouble communicating to my parents about that.

  4. amira says:

    what is the meaning of tu rul bhaave jan mang la rang

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    How do you say, do you have a spare ramal for me? Thanks.

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    i need full punjabi words list in english from where i can get it??

  7. What do we say ‘Happy Diwali’ in Punjabi ?

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    How to ask ” where are you? ” in Punjabi

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    thanx for d info and pls input more words so that i can learn more and can speak well to my frenz…

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    i would to know how to say i love your daughter in punjabi

  11. gina says:

    What is the meaning of kra ti att?

  12. E says:

    Hello, can you tell me how to say “I am pretty fly/cool/good for a white guy”

  13. Anonymous says:

    how do you say please hold for 1 minute in punjabi

  14. Emmy says:

    How can I say “Leave me alone.”

  15. mukul singhal says:

    what is the meaning of this line – Lagghe Nirrah Att Goriye Att Goriye

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    How do i wish my parents “Happy Wedding Anniversary” in Punjabi?

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    please tell me what jee la lavange would translate to in english?

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    please let me know the full version and meaning of the phrase – chirdi bethi aalane’ the’ … pista pista chug ……..Thank you so much.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I love speaking punjabi

  20. Anonymous says:

    I am very intrested in Punjabi, I hope you will add mre to this wesite

  21. Jaspreet says:

    @admin: Please remove image of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji from header.

  22. Anonymous says:

    so is simran

  23. komalpreet says:

    Naale chor Naale Chatar…pls translate this thanks

  24. Eklvya says:

    i am pure punjabi

  25. Anonymous says:

    i am a punjab

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    Would someone please tell me what “pe ni gyi kya” means or “ne kya kah”?
    Thanks so much!

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    How can I find translations of roman punjabi to english and vice versa?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Could someone translate the meaning of “jedi att si” to english?does that mean “bada mast h” in hindi?

  29. yen says:

    how would i say”please tell to call me when he reached home”in punjabi language?

  30. Sana says:

    Banda dangro vee maarha ae, jihda chamm ve ah dikhda he naa. Could you translate that for me please I would really appreciate it. Thank you

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    plz translate word Host or meezban in punjabi?

  32. punjabi says:

    Im lving it

  33. Simrankaur says:

    How r you

  34. ravi says:

    Nice wrk buddy likng it vry mch

  35. Anonymous says:

    Lan tu means fuck you

  36. APS says:

    Nice, Cool, Good = Ghaint / Kaim

  37. APS says:

    ghaint and kaim mostly have same meaning ……
    you are looking good = ghaint/kaim lagda
    lagda = looking

  38. paramjit says:

    were can i get a phrase book like this

  39. Anonymous says:


    • Honey says:

      Ghaint and kaim words are used to praise someone Like you are looking gorgeous , spectacular stunning etc. . in english there is no exact word for ghaint and kaim ,,,

  40. GOGI says:

    ATT is Over the top, in a negative way but now days in some sentence we use it like its good. e.g. in positive this Car is negative police beat up 9 years old; police ne ATT chuki Hoe hai. people use it, like wicked word is use in English.

    I use ATT word in negative more. I use VAADOO in positive instead of ATT make more sense to me.

    vaadoo mean Extra. I have a Vaadoo Room so I decided to rent it out, But In positive instead of saying ATT I say Vaadoo. it simply mean Vaadoo car yaar. Amazing or cool car or Vaadoo joke

    Vakhri means different

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Mr.Gogi… for rply ATT means had par kar di… is it right ..or what is the meaning of ghaint and kaint.. please this also let me know..

  41. vineet nanda says:

    what is themean of VAKHRI and ATT… please let me know..

  42. Harpreet says:

    This is really helpfull as i have been in us for over 25 years this relly is great oh I was 4 or 5 when came. Thanks

  43. Rahul says:

    What’s the mean of ‘mulahjedariyaan’,,,

  44. Vince says:

    Hi Pearl, I’m glad you find the site helpful! Sorry for the late reply – I’m not sure how you can buy Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in English, but you can find a full online translation here:

    • Karandeep Singh says:

      Vince you can buy Sri Guru Granth Sahib but you will have to stricktly follow the code of conduct at your home. I would suggest you to not to buy one rather contact your nearest Gurudwara there you will find a way to your issue.

  45. Pearl says:

    Thank you for a wonderful website, it is helping me learn Punjabi.

    How much is it to buy Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, in English?

    Thank you.
    Most grateful


    • Anon says:

      Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh ! Pearl. Assume you are Sikh or, like me, convert to Sikhi. Erm, do you know the responsibilites attached to having SGGSji in ur home. btw. I CONSIDERED buying one. Was in P’Gurmukhi, Roman phonetic and (poor, I thought)English. 4 big volumes. £175. +p&p from India!
      u could try DFS, Soho Rd., Birmingham. BUT, Plzzzz. DO speak with Granthi or Giani ji at ur local/nearest Gurudwara Sahib, first. You can download, ‘Dhur ki bani’ to SOME mobile phones. is also in PG, translit.., and, not-three-bad ! english. Searches are by Nitnem,Ang and Shabad.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I am glad I found this site, it is very helpful to me as a learner in Punjabi language.

    Thank you for this wonderful site.

  47. julie jones says:

    I have often heard the word tiga used in punjabi what does it mean.

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  49. Roop Dhillon says:

    This is good as I am interested in Punjabi. I am to my knowledge the only English born and raised Sikh who has chosen to write in Punjabi …you can google to find out about me, but I fully support any endeavours your website has to promote Gurmukhi

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