Check out the Punjabi page for an introduction to the de facto Sikh language and some basic phrases. I have made it in 2 parts – a list of simple words and phrases written in English so they are easy to learn and also a more in depth guide to learning proper pronounciation.

The Family page describes the Sikh family structure including the different names for different relations. A simplified diagram can be viewed here.

To learn more about Sikhism, head over to the Religion page, or check out some of the links on the right hand side.

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  1. Ravinder says:


    can I ask who did your Sikh wedding ceremony? As I will be marrying a Christian and I am a Sikh but would like the Sikh ceremony but I know the temples are not having interfaith marriages.

  2. saveorange says:

    I kinda need your help translating punjabi word ..
    It’s just one word that I really want to know.
    I don’t know any punjabi at all..
    and need your help..
    I try to find the meaning of the word from online dictionary but all I know is the pronunciation
    and I don’t know how to write that in punjabi…
    could you send me email if you don’t mind?
    It would be really grateful if you can help me. thank you

  3. I have a question, was the girls parents open to the idea of having their daughter marrying a non sikh man?

    • Vince says:

      I wouldn’t say they were open – it took a long time for them to come around to the idea of their daughter marrying a non-Sikh! But when they did come around, they were very accepting.

      • Sikandar Nirmal Singh says:

        U r awesome! Desi families r more open to their sons marrying western girls, as they are a status symbol. Don’t ask me why! They r far less accepting when it comes to their daughters marrying a western guy. I wish u n ur wife all the best and I’m very glad to see this site. This site is lovely – it’s not an attempt to seek attention or praise. One small note – the sikhnet site is run by a false cult who promote non Sikh things. Read about it here –
        Apart from that, welcome to punjabi culture and may you enjoy a lifelong journey

      • Sikandar Nirmal Singh says:

        Sat sri Akal ji! Welcome to punjabi culture! Sadly, desi families are happy to marry their sons off to western women, as it’s a status symbol. Don’t ask me why! However, they don’t like their daughters marrying western guys. You have a wonderful site here. You are clearly doing a service, whilst learning about our culture. You are also not trying to look for attention or praise.

        I have one small tip for you – you have a link for sikhnet. They are a false cult which teaches some very false things. Read about them here –


        Apart from that, you are truly amazing bhaji. bahut vadiya yaar. I wish you and bhenji a wonderful marriage and long life together. Im sure you have lots of love for each other. All the best blessings to you both.

        I myself am a mixed heritage Sikh. My great grandmum was from India and married a white man. I love my punjabi culture, and love seeing others learning about it and respecting it properly.

  4. Roop Dhillon says:

    Could you get the following review published somewhere in the punjabi media? Thanks
    ????? ???

  5. Vince says:

    I’m glad to help – that’s what this site is for!

  6. Tessa says:

    Thank you so much for taking your time to make this site! I have been dating a punjabi boy for sometime now, and the culture differences, language and religion are so difficult for me to understand at times. I want to be able to completely understand him, but it is hard, and it seems that you know the feeling very well. So thank you!

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